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At BCS, we use our broad experience in semiconductor design and test to help reduce cost and time to market.
The company has expertise in numerous ATE platforms including the HP93000 SOC, HP83000 F330, F660, and HP's next generation products.
BCS can put together a complete solution for you, everything from custom IC design, verification, characterization, and production test development.
Explore our extensive array of product information, tools and resources to imagine new possibilities.
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SPECS 2.1 is now available

SPECS is a web based tool that combines a data warehouse with advanced analysis tools and reporting to streamline the entire design to production flow.

New features include improved correlation and FAB data analysis, dynamic report generation, report sharing, task scheduler, bin data analysis from multiple sources, etc.
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We offer SOC 93000 Off line development at below cost!

Agilent SOC 93000 and F330 software fully configured for offline development.

All systems fully tested and burned in. Over 350 systems have been sold with ZERO failure rates.
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SPECS is designed to streamline the semiconductor design to production flow. Just follow the path.

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